Sunday, May 31, 2009

Regina Post-It #1

I understand how you could see such a statement as not the best start to our relationship, however the truth hurts, doesn't it. Step aside Chicago, we have a new contender for the title "The Windy City". I am amazed by the wind in Regina; it really blows. Right now I have my small kayak (8'9" long) on top of my truck. It's hard to believe that such a small boat could cause trouble, but I swear I felt the wind start to pick my truck up today, it's that strong.

It must have something to do with the location on the prairies, when you consider the cities that are frequently described as windy, i.e. Chicago, Winnipeg, etc. I don't recall Saskatoon being this windy, but it's possible the Regina winds have blown away my memories of Saskatoon.

Yesterday N and I went for a jog around Wascana Lake. Thankfully we chose the direction that started us into the wind first. For the last half of the trip around the lake, the wind was thankfully behind us. It was a beautiful day in Regina yesterday, 29 degrees, sunny and it works out I'm only two blocks from this massive big park, that includes Wascana Lake. I can even kayak on it. I'll try to get some photos up soon.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

a place to stay

I just got back from a trip to Regina today. It's been difficult deciding what I want in a place to live. I do know that I am done moving. I hate it and don't want to do it again. In some ways I wish I could skip Regina and just head straight back to Yellowknife. Since I can't, I've decided my stuff will. I'm having my things shipped back to the 'knife and put into storage.

This decision has limited my options. It came down to two, the first renting a room in a condo downtown three blocks from work and just over a a block from the YMCA. The other a wee bachelor apartment on the third floor of a house about five and a half blocks from work. In terms of location both are promising and it's unfortunate it was such a grey miserable day to check them out.

The bachelor is cute, but small, and really would require more furnishings than I'm willing to commit too. It's the kind of place that could work well as long as you can custom buy everything for the space. It's on the third floor and I'm worried about it being ridiculously hot. It's also electric heat and I have to pay for electricity. As cute and on a leafy street as it is, the biggest concerns are that I'm spitting distance from Taylor Field (I think that's what it is called - I need to learn these Rider things before moving) and I'd have to go to the laundromat. No in-suite or even in-house laundry. Let alone the noise from Rider's Games

The second place is a condo downtown. It's shared, but I get the master bedroom which is big and has a massive closet (something the bachelor didn't have). The guy I'm renting from seems pretty cool, we have a lot of work experiences in common and spends most of his time at his girlfriend's condo. I wasn't sure how much time, until I got there today and saw that his fridge was completely empty. In-suite laundry and my own parking spot are pretty big draws. Plus no utilities!

So the owner of the condo and I went out for a couple of beers after I toured the place and chatted for an hour and a half. It went well and I've decided to take it. It also appears plans are being made as his girlfriend already has some people for me to meet.

Thursday, March 5, 2009


This new blog is for my upcoming life in Regina. In a little over two months I will be moving to Regina for a year to complete my law articles. This blog will be for short monologues on life and times in the Queen City.

I've begun looking for somewhere to live in Regina. Unfortunately the current economic downtown has yet to meaningfully hit Saskatchewan and rents are high, and vacancy rates are low. This makes finding a place difficult at best. I hope to find somewhere downtown where I can walk to and from work. I'm looking forward to downtown city living. I recognize it won't quite be like my time in hogtown, but hopefully I will be able to spend most of my time on foot.

I have a lead on one place that sounds promising, so keep your fingers crossed.